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A call for action – Climate change as a source of financial risk
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Publish Year : 2019
Author/s : Network for Greening the Financial System - First comprehensive report
Publication (journal name/website etc.): https://www.banque-france.fr
Accessed on : 2019-05-02
Material Type: Soft-Law - Leitlinien, Standards, Rahmenwerke etc. (rechtlich nicht bindend)
Financial Activity: Kerngeschäft,Unterstützungsprozess
Author: Regulator / Supervisor
Sustainability: UN Sustainable Development Goals ,13. Massnahmen zum Klimaschutz
Sector Name: Analysts,Assests,Asset Manager,Banks,Banks,Brokers,Capital Investments Companies,Capital Investments Companies (as intermediaries)
Region: International / Global
Character of Material: Non Binding
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In its first comprehensive report, the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) provides six recommendations for central banks, supervisors, policymakers and financial institutions to enhance their role in greening the financial system and managing environment and climate-related risks.

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