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Defining green in the context of green finance
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Publish Year : 2017
Author/s : Directorate-General for Environment (European Commission), Walter, Kahlenborn; Eisinger, Frederik; Hogg, Dominic; Cochu, Annica; Georgiev, Ivo
Publication (journal name/website etc.): https://publications.europa.eu
Publisher / Publishing company: European Commission
Accessed on : 2018-01-20
Material Type: Soft-Law - Leitlinien, Standards, Rahmenwerke etc. (rechtlich nicht bindend)
Financial Activity: Asset Management,,,,
Sustainability: UN Sustainable Development Goals
Sector Name: Analysts,Assests,Asset Manager,Banks,Banks,Brokers,Businesses,Businesses (as investees),Capital Investments Companies,Capital Investments Companies (as intermediaries),Certification Bodies,Churches,Consulting Companies,Cooperative Banks,Cooperatives,Credit Banks,Data/Information Provider,Engagement Organisations,European Financial Authorities,Familiy Offices,Financial Service Provider Associations,Forests,Foundations,High Networth Individuals,Indices,Institutional Investors,Insurances,Intermediaries,International Financial Authorities,Investees,Investment Companies,Investors,Investors Relation Companies,Listed Companies,Media,Mutual Funds,National Financial Authorities,NGOs,Non-governmental / civic society organisations,Pension Funds,Private Banks,Private Investors,Professional / Trade Associations,Projects,Projekt Developers,Proxy Voting Organisations,Public Authorities,Public Banks,Rating and Research Institutions,Real Estate,Regulation and Supervison Bodies,Renewable Energy,Research and Training Bodies (non-/academic),Retail Investors,Service Provider,SMEs - Small and Medium Enterprises,Startups,States,Stock Exchanges,Sustainability Rating Organisations,Voluntary Standards and Codes
Region: Europa
Character of Material: Binding
Availability: For Free
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Published in 2017, this report presents an overview and analysis of worldwide efforts on defining “green” for green bonds, lending and listed equity. It describes the means and scope for identifying green assets and activities through conceptual definitions, taxonomies, ratings methodologies and other mechanisms. It suggests policy actions, which the European Commission could consider to support the development of “green” definitions, and discusses possible implications of such actions. Its preliminary findings are intended to feed into the work of the EU High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. The findings of the study are based on data collected through literature review, interviews and a survey with stakeholders of the European and international financial community, including asset owners, asset managers and others. The study is complemented by a list of available “green” definitions, descriptions and assessments of selected definitions, as well as a comparison of available green sectoral taxonomies.

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